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Contributors: Luke Cassady-Dorion
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Irys CLI (Previously Bundlr)


An Arweave wallet is required to deploy. If the size of the directory is greater than 100kb, a funded Irys instance is required.


To install the Irys CLI run

npm install -g @irys/sdk
yarn global add @irys/sdk

Static Build

Permaweb applications are statically generated, meaning that the code and content are generated ahead of time and stored on the network.

Below is an example of a static site. To deploy this to the Permaweb, the build directory will be passed in as the argument for the upload-dir flag.

|- build
    |- index.html
    |- styles.css
    |- index.js


irys upload-dir [path to folder] -w [path to wallet] --index-file [index.html] -c [currency] -h [irys node]

Other Commands

Fund Irys

irys fund [amount] -h [Irys node] -w [path to wallet] -c [currency]

* Funding an Irys instance can take up to 30 minutes to process

Check Irys Balance

irys balance [wallet address] -h [Irys node] -c arweave