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Contributors: Brian Gershon, Marton Lederer, Tom Wilson, VinceJuliano, Weronika K
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React Starter Kits

React is a popular library used for building user interfaces. Alongside other popular tools such as create-react-app, a React project can be compiled into a bundle. This bundle can be uploaded as a transaction to the permaweb where it will serve as a single page application.

React Starter Kit Guides:

  • Turbo - React + Vite, publish with Turbo
  • Vite - utilize Vite to build a React permaweb app
  • Create React App - utilize Create React App to build a React permaweb app
  • Akord - React + Vite, deploy with Akord

Permaweb Application Constraints

  • 100% Front-end application (No Server-Side Backend)
  • Applications are served from a sub-path (https://[gateway]/[TX_ID])