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Contributors: Tom Wilson, Dan MacDonald, felwintrr
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Welcome to the Permaweb

The permaweb is like the web, but permanent. Developers build on top of permaweb services to create apps and sites that will exist forever on Arweave.


Benefits of the permaweb.

  1. Sites and apps are permanent, you never have to worry about them going away (even if the team supporting them moves on)
  2. App developers have to make sure every new version of the app actually adds value, otherwise, why would you switch off the old one.
  3. Because all Permaweb apps share a common storage layer, Arweave, they can all compose with one anther's data.
  4. Your data is owned by your wallet and can follow you from app to app.

Compare Traditional Web vs Permaweb

Permaweb vs Traditional

For more information about the permaweb check out the medium postopen in new window.