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The Spheron Protocol is a decentralized platform designed to streamline the creation of modern dapps. It offers a seamless experience for developers, allowing for quick deployment, automatic scaling, and personalized content delivery on decentralized networks.

Spheron uses a GitHub integration to handle continuous deployments and gives us the ability to integrate custom DNS to any given deployment.

What you will need to set up a Spheron account

  • A GitHub account
  • A permaweb application identifier and is deployed on the permaweb


To deploy Arweave applications using Spheron, you will need the Pro Plan which is $20/month

Authentication/Log in

Spheron relies on GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket repo's for their deployments, similar to Vercel.

To log in to Spheron, head to the Spheron Aqua dashboardopen in new window and select your preferred authentication.

Import repo

Once logged in, you will be presented with the user dashboard. Click the "New Project" button in the top right of the dashboard to import a repo. Select the repo you want and choose the option to deploy to Arweave.

Connecting to DNS

Now that you've imported your project and deployed, go to the "Domains" tab. Enter the domain name, environment and select a domain to point the deployment to.

Before continuing, you will be asked to verify your configured records. Update the record in your domain manager. Updating a DNS can take up to 72 hours. You will see something similar to the image below:

Once updated, you will need to verify in Spheron. Click the Verify button and you should be all set and ready to go. Now whenever you deploy a new version to GitHub, your domain will be updated with the newest version!🎉


To create a fully decentralized application, be sure to use ArNSopen in new window or any decentralized DNS server


Spheron is a straight-forward way for deploying Permaweb applications to Arweave, and redirecting them to custom domains. Combining continuous integration and continuous deployment, ensuring a smooth developer experience all round!