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Contributors: Dan MacDonald
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A library built on top of GraphQL that makes it possible to query transaction and block data from arweave without having to memorize GraphQL parameter names. Just build queries using autocomplete in your favorite code editor.


yarn add ardb


import Arweave from 'arweave';
import ArDB from 'ardb';

// initialize an arweave instance
const arweave = Arweave.init({});

// arweave is Arweave Client instance
const ardb = new ArDB(arweave);

// Get a single transaction by its id
const tx = await'transaction')

// Get an array of transactions and include only the first result
const txs = await'transactions')

// This is the same as doing:
const txs = await'transactions')
	.tag('App-Name', 'SmartWeaveAction')

// Search for multiple transactions from a specific owner/wallet address
const txs = await'transactions')

// Continue paging though the results with...
const newTxs = await;

// Or you could get all results at once by doing:
const txs = await'blocks')