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Posting Transactions using arseeding.js

You can use the arseeding-js JavaScript SDK package to publish transactions on the Arweave network. Arseeding automatically broadcasts the transaction to all Arweave nodes in the network, ensuring that the transaction is promptly received in the pending pool of all Arweave nodes, thus increasing the transaction's packaging speed.

Installing arseeding.js

To install arseeding.js run:

npm install arseeding-js
yarn add arseeding-js

Transaction for Uploading Data

When using Arseeding, you must pre-fund your account on everpayopen in new window. This balance can be funded with $AR tokens or other cryptocurrencies. Another distinction is that the Arseeding service ensures that your data will make it onto the blockchain.

const { genNodeAPI } = require('arseeding-js')

const run = async () => {
  const instance = genNodeAPI('YOUR PRIVATE KEY')
  const arseedUrl = ''
  const data = Buffer.from('........')
  const payCurrencyTag = 'ethereum-usdc-0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48' // everPay supported token tag (chainType-symbol-id)
  const options = {
    tags: [{ name: 'Content-Type', value: 'image/png' }]
  const res = await instance.sendAndPay(arseedUrl, data, payCurrencyTag, options)
  console.log('res', res)